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Poems and Life. Story of Healing, Love and Peace

Compassionate open heart !
Positivity and rational thoughts !
The place where happy lives bloom in beautiful souls.

Comforting place of care and rest for those who grew weary in minds and souls.


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Thank you for visiting Korean Institute of Poetry Therapy.

The institute is a place to find peace through poetry and reading to deep self-reflection, unconsciousness and core sentiment for those who are tired for the minds and souls in dealing with emotional recognition behavior and a place for healing and

growth to improve self-enlightenment and personal relations.

We're studying combined mental scientific art therapeutic methods of literature, psychology, expressive art to overcome lonely and hard times of conflict and problems from everday lives using various themes of poetry therapeutic programs and non-violent communication to develop, educate, train and to diffuse at the same time.

We have an objective of every individual, household and society to live happily and cheerfully and to cultivate healthier mind and heart, a more beautiful soul.

And in addition, to seeking opportunity for trustworthy therapist certificate and go our ways to actively interchange worldwide.

Korean Institute of poetry therapy is about to share the valuable ideas with people who are seeking happy life along with those who are interested in poetry, psychology and mental health.

Thank you for your support and enthusiastic interest and hope to share the creative and constructive ideas and to have a place of exchange.

Thank you so much !
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May 10th. 2005
Korean Institute of Poetry Therapy
Director So-Young Choi

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